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P.K. Bet Gurus, Digs Deep To get You Your Lock Picks. Or Try GridIronGold


P.K.Bet Gurus staff have watch over 100 years of football.Each of us have at least 30years experience watching football. Video after video, so we know what where seeing.  .


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Back in the day, there was just newspapers, and local news. They didn't show you much. You had to know folk, but the web has leveled the playing field. The internet allows  for a hub of information available at your fingertips. 


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The numbers

We look at the body of work. The ATS trends, percentages, stats, all possible numbers are crunched. It's funny I went to school for engineering and math, how I turned it into poker and sports trends, I do not know. .


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Check out the games we play.

#1 College Football

College Football is what we specialize in. We just thinks it's like taking candy from a baby.

#2 NFL

Grown man league, a little tougher.


Allthough Football is our favorites, Were athletes so naturally we play ball, and run track, and a lil mma. get our drift.

Sports Betting

We thought we show you were the money is and get a few free picks in.

Casino Games

More games, more variety Another major benefit to online casinos is the ability to play more games.

Poker Fans!

Are you a poker shark? Download the poker software and compete against the world.


P.K. Bet Gurus Story.

  • 2009

    I Played over 10,000 tournaments online for real money. I had thousands of dollars in poker accounts. At this time I considered myself and expert poker player and serious football fan.

    Youth Jeffery Throwback Back 

  • 2011

    After the indictment was unsealed on April 15, 2011, a date quickly dubbed Black Friday by the online poker community, PokerStars and Full Tilt stopped offering real money play to their United States customers. This was a crushing blow.

  • 2015

    In 2014 and 2015 me and my commrads done so well in our review, we have decided to allow members to get a piece of the pie.

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Meet the P.K.Bet Gurus Team.


Founder / CEO

Jordan Garrett

Marketing Director

Donovan Lebreux

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